Permaculture Area



This year at NGG we are very excited to announce that (at last!) we have the return of the Permaculture Area!



 We offer a welcoming garden space with Geo-domes and an outdoor fire pit where workshops and practical demonstrations will take place.


We make ‘Rocket Stoves’ and ‘Kelly Kettles’ for broths and brews, hosted by an enthusiastic team of helpers, plus displays, books and information from the ‘Permaculture Association UK’, including head honcho Andy Goldring.



Also joining us is dedicated permaculture activist Rootsman Rak! “Permaculture is a revolution disguised as gardening”. He’s specialised in permaculture design for the last 5 years and has had a hand in designs from forest schools to eco-villages.



 Come and see how Permaculture can expand your horizons!



2022  Workshops & Activities

Rootsman Rakesh 

(Thursday afternoon and Friday morning)

Designing physical and mental health and well being with Permaculture.

Designing a joyful balanced life.

Health and wellbeing is a continual balance of forces, at a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Disturbance or neglecting any aspect of this balance can cause many distubances (dis-ease). It is described in many ways, Yin & Yang, equipoise, prama etc.

As a qualified homeopath and as a lay naturopathic, a homoepathic understanding of balance with a Tantric analysis tool for investigating what we are doing well and what areas we can work on to improve, and running the conclusions of our analysis through a Permaculture Design process, then using this RRiDeM iterative Design methodology to design a more harmonious balanced life.

 ‘The Joys of Community Forest Gardening’

We all need to eat, so what better way to connect to people than through food. Food forests are low maintenance, bio-diverse, & nutrient rich systems. So they feed us, as well as give us medicines, craft materials, soaps and so much more, but in a way that also enriches nature (bio-diversity). It really is a  Win Win solution.

Creating communitiy Forestry gardens helps us to connect and build community where we can share and inspire each other to think about food sovereignty as well as its impact on our planet and how we can work together to create truly abundant systems for all.

During this conversation we will discuss –

~What is a Forest Garden

~ What are the benefits to people

~ What are the benefits to Nature

~ Where can we find examples

~ How do we get started ?

If you have a community forest garden we want to hear from you and give you an opportunity to share some of your stories.

Lizzy Omah

Kid Focussed workshops, teach songs with a nature/ land based focus around the fire.

Cloud-watching – learning about different cloud types then running a guided meditation based around clouds.

How to make raffia bracelets

Foraged Tea Workshop

Josh Lawson

Offering Talks and Demonstrations on:


Roundwood timber framing


Kate Berridge Talks

Green Guardians ~what we humans are here to be!

How to be a practical and Spiritual ally to the sacred, living Earth.

Includes green and compassionate visions of a new beginning.

Animal Communication ~ how to empathise with Wild and Captive Animals

 How animals are communicating with us and how to listen and respond. The ethics of how we treat other living beings.

Includes all animals…come with an open heart and mind.

Also playing ‘Northern Roots’ acoustic duo- Horsedrawn stage (& campfire).

Sarah Goldsmith

A talk ~ ‘Nature connection as eco-activism’.

 I have worked for many years in socially and economically disadvantaged communities with children and young people, attempting to bring nature into their lives through play and role-modelling.

I want to share some stories about the extent of nature alienation within the communities that I have worked and the huge impact that you can make by demonstrating your own nature connection and sharing your own particular passion and skills in these settings

 The Bridge project ~ Stuart Watson

A talk on our project ~We intend to promote/display our project connecting DIY wind power,solar, Anaerobic Digestion, Biochar and hydrogen fuel cells to power a site with workshops and integrated edible landscapes/forest garden.

 Edible Year ~ Foraging walks  James and Emily Adams

Taking groups on Foraging walks around the site – to find edible and medicinal plants all around us.

David Petty

Talk on Leeds Coppice Workers. ~ How our Workers Co-operative manages and restores ancient coppice woodland around and within the City of Leeds. How we are able to sell products and services to the local population and operate as a Workers Co-operative to make viable livlihoods from our work, engage with and support people from the local communities in experiencing our work and the benfits to mental health and well being as well as physical health that a day in the woods brings to people, and how a Permaculture approach has helped this process to be successful.

Making a rocket stove~ one of the most fuel efficient and easy ways to cook and heat water in the great outdoors ,using only small amounts of twigs for fuel and made from scrap materials~ who need gas, electicity or the money to pay for it to cook when you have one of these ? 

Steph and Meg

Fermenting food

Running a small Food co -op

Bush Crafts 

Thomas Clayton

‘Fruitworks’ ~ discussion about fruit bushes and trees

Growing food in small spaces 

Rose Morgan

Softpots making 

Design and build from Pallets 

Andy Goldring

Intro to Permaculture ~ Lets talk about permaculture. Flexible and participatory introductory workshop to help people learn more about permaculture and find out how it is being used in Britain and around the world. We will cover the basics and respond to the questions of participants.

Biochar demonstration

Landworkers alliance discussion

Permaculture~’Inspiration from overseas’.

Local networking and more…