Permaculture Area


This year at NGG we are very excited to announce that (at last!) we have the return of the Permaculture Area!

We will have a welcoming garden space with Geo-domes and an outdoor fire pit where workshops and practical demonstrations will take place.

We’ll make ‘Rocket Stoves’ and ‘Kelly Kettles’ for broths and brews, hosted by an enthusiastic team of helpers, plus displays, books and information from the ‘Permaculture Association UK’, including head honcho Andy Goldring.

Come and see how Permaculture can expand your horizons!

2022  Workshops & Activities

Introduction to Permaculture

Local area foraging food walk

Wild cooking (using ancient cooking techniques)

Fermenting food

Wild bush crafts

How-to run a food co-op

‘Fruitworks’ (fruit bushes & trees talk)

Growing food in small spaces

Hazel coppicing and woodland management

Design and build from pallets

Making a rocket stove (demo)

Landworkers Alliance


Permaculture from overseas (talk)