The Crafts Area is the ideal place to learn and get creative, with plenty of artistic and practical activities to get stuck into. This year’s NGG brings together an exciting mix of crafty skills with workshops running all weekend on crochet, green woodcraft, upcycled junk, home made eco cleaning products and more!


Andrea Cope

Willow Be-Hooked

Try your hand at willow weaving in our drop in workshops with Willow Be-Hooked or make a lantern for the parade
Neil Coburn

Magic Lantern

Make a lantern and join us on the lantern parade
Flo Watson

Vamos Arts

Art workshop
Make a piece of art for the auction on Sunday
Victoria Jack

Natures crafting

Crafting from natural findings, beads and feathers
Creations made from natural findings such as seeds, shells, wooden beads, wool, wood,
Phil Cudworth

Funky furniture and woodcraft

Have a go at making a walking staff or hazel flower

Sam Gamult

Macrame and weaving

Macrame and weaving