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Welcome to The Northern Green Gathering  

Aug 12-15th Scholey Park, Lincolnshire

A fabulous long weekend of music, sustainability, learning and sharing.


What’s On


3 stages powered by renewable energy bring the acts that trumpet our core message of sustainability and fun, because when we laugh together we love one another, and once we love we can find a way to work together. Community is born in the field and consolidates around the campfire.

Cloth Cat Stage : Grab a local real ale and dance your socks off to an eclectic mix of folk, rock, hip-hop, ska, world, punk, folk and more inspired sounds at the Resource Living solar powered main stage and bar. 

Line up here http://nggonline.org.uk/wordpress/nggstage/

Reaction Sound System : Be a part of the energy revolution at the dance tent – our fantastic DJs will keep your energies revving while you hop on the bikes to generate the electricity to power the speakers and keep the party going till late, late, late! 

Line up here http://nggonline.org.uk/wordpress/reaction-bike-power-stage/

The Campaigns Soapbox : “Be the Change You Wish to See in the World” at the Soapbox stage we amplify the voices of grass roots organisations, charities, community groups and individuals working for social and ecological justice. We host conversations between differing opinions in the green movement and try to forge common understanding and recognition of mutual needs. 

Our Art and Mind approach recognises the value of art in communication outwards and in healing inwards, and that campaigning is most effective when it takes a multi-disciplinary approach. Our solar powered stage showcases music, spoken word poetry and the odd jam session, as well as campaign talks.

Line up here http://nggonline.org.uk/wordpress/campaigns-area/

The Healing Area : We invite you to turn your focus inwards, compassionately listening to mind, body and spirit. Guided by the expertise of practitioners and teachers, we reclaim the power to heal ourselves from those who seek to monetise it. 

More about us http://nggonline.org.uk/wordpress/healing-area/

The Crafts Area : We focus on sharing the skills you need to help upcycle, recycle, build your own and mend make and do.  Here especially, we recognise the importance of creative expression to well-being, and we encourage you to join in and have a go.  Your art is sold in our Sunday auction, which usually raises £100s, and is great fun for the whole family.

More about us http://nggonline.org.uk/wordpress/crafts/

The Permaculture Area : We have a new permaculture zone! Representing permaculture, rewilding and homesteading (including indigenous practices and survival crafts). We are actively seeking more talks, workshops or demonstrations for this area which is always in demand, so if you have any relevant expertise please be in touch. 

The Children’s Area : We welcome you and your youngest family members to come and learn and play in an ecological responsible way. We host talks and skill shares, and aim to ensure all families feel welcome and safe and able to enjoy the festival as a whole. 


The Teen Tent : A safe space for teens to have fun and express themselves, separate to the children’s area. Expect music jams, games and the random magic of whatever you bring and share.

Our High Tech Future Zone : Should explore the future from the perspective of those who don’t want sustainable to mean going backwards. It is the second area currently needing more development. If you can represent for sustainable high tech (including hydroponics/lab-grown meat/indoor farming) please get in touch. 

Our Accessible Camping area is physically close to the main festival site, with accessible toilets and power for charging your vehicles. Our third area ‘under development’ we hope to bring more signing, sensory trails, a more peaceful space for those with sensory needs, more sign language, audio loops and more in the near future, but don’t really know where to begin. If you have expertise and can help with this, please be in touch.

Food – Dhalicious vegetarian curries – Sunshine Pizza straight from the oven – Veggies vegan burgers and hotdogs and the new acoustic stage cafe and chill zone Fre3dome with fresh coffee and cake https://www.facebook.com/Fre3dome

Sento Spa – Provide warm showers and either hot tubs or a wood fired sauna. Close to camping for your morning sanitation, they also have the first available cup of tea. The spa will also serve as a gateway into the brand new wooded area Naturist Zone. There’s not much to it yet, just a few trees to shield you so we can be confident to say You Can Be Naked Here. Bring your own comforts. https://www.facebook.com/people/Sento-SPA/100057514477349/

Where am I? – What? We missed you out? So sorry! If you feel your community, ecological vision or values are not yet represented, please do get in touch! Mutual aid is core to our principles and  skill shares are always welcomed.


Together we are stronger. 


Uniting for peace, prosperity and sustainability

from 12-15th August, Scholey Park, Lincolnshire.


Who Are We? 

The NGG crew are a varied bunch including vegans and meat eaters, believers and non believers, gardeners and activists, young and old. The Northern Green Gathering does not endorse any particular approach over others, and any opinions expressed in the field or on our social media can be presumed to be the opinion of the individual speaking and no more. We are diverse. We are united. But we rarely agree! 


The Northern Green Gathering and Permaculture 


Permaculture design learns from nature, and applies basic principles to create efficient systems that maximize diversity and abundance through techniques such as stacking, layering, exploiting niches, and maximizing boundaries – as nature abhors a vacuum and the most fertile growth occurs where the competition is fiercest.

By transferring permaculture design from the garden to the Gathering, we are creating a venn diagram of the many different approaches people take to sustainability. In this way we can include and celebrate all our different approaches and emphases, and help further conversation and action toward our mutual vision of a sustainable and just society. Each area is a niche ecosystem, and by bringing you closer we aim to maximise the interactions in a managed, safe space – from which we hope to create alliances, strengthen our networks and seed action for lasting change. 

Learn more about permaculture design here http://patrickwhitefield.co.uk/permaculture-design-thinking-like-ecosystem/




We started in 1997 with a small green gathering. At the time there were very few festivals in the North, everyone went South. We wanted to help build up a Northern network of festival providers. We chose to keep our events small enough to allow community and friendships to develop. We try to keep ticket prices and stall fees low so as to be as inclusive as possible, however we run on mutual aid, so if you can’t pay but have a skill to share you can still gather with us. We have always had an open door policy so as many people as possible could feel empowered to take part. 

Until 2002 we ran events annually. We always covered our costs (without grant aid) and provided a successful place to meet, learn and enjoy. From 2002-08 we took a few breaks and allowed things to scale down in size but went on the road, contributing a ‘Green Festival’ space to other events. We then ran at Lime Tree Farm in North Yorkshire 2008 -10, then Fell Edge Farm, an organic farm near Skipton in 2011 and 2012.

In 2014 we moved south, to Bradley Nook Farm, an organic livestock farm in the Derbyshire Dales. The farmers, Jay and Katja, after meeting and connecting with the Vegan Society at NGG 2015, established a plan to divest from the meat industry and move to organic vegetable farming. In 2016 they decided to give away their herd of beef cattle to Hillside Animal Sanctuary, a move which gained significant media coverage after the documentary 73 Cows won BAFTA Best Short Film. Sadly, the stresses of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 sped up their conversion to vegetable producing, and we were forced to move on to make way for their new greenhouses. 

We now have a wonderful new home in Scholey Park, Lincolnshire – a delightful site with wooded areas, bordered by a canal and with a little grassy knoll that makes the perfect spot to get on your soapbox! So come join us to celebrate the next great adventure!

Tickets available herehttp://nggonline.org.uk/wordpress/tickets/

Northern Green Gathering is a company limited by guarantee. 

Company No: 03045172. 

Registered address: 119 Gathorne Terrace, Leeds, LS8 5AU