Campaigns Area

Campaigns Area



Challenging times. – Economic squeeze, heat or eat, stagflation. The Climate Crisis…Do not fear! The Campaigns Area at NGG is here to give you hope!

We’ve got some wonderful Workshop Providers, and look forward to your participation, so you can feel the positive changes to Your Life that coming Northern Green Gathering can spark, and help to change the world for the better….



Here’s a Sample of what’s on offer…

How we can all learn to Campaign with respect and good communication to help make positive, practical changes and avoid burnout.

Consent and what it means to us and other communities.

How Compassion, as a conscious force can change approaches to change away from conflict.

How we can find ways to deal with the cost-of-living crisis/wage slave trap and live the life we dreamed of!


2022 Workshops

Extinction Rebellion’s Consent Advocacy Team- 

“Introduction to Consent Advocacy” “Consent and the Body”

Being the Change Affinity Network – Stuart Basden 

Reconnection sanctuary: Eco-activism Burnout Resilience

Stuart Basden is a co-founder of Extinction Rebellion

Kinder Leeds (Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing)

‘How Compassion Can Change the World’

‘Leon the pig farmer’ Saddleworth Manchester – Spoken word performance- Horse-drawn stage.

Stay GroundedWhy reducing flying is a key part of campaigning for climate justice.


The Garden – outdoor personal development and counselling centre (SARAH HINDS) 

What part can I play?

Sarah Hinds therapeutic support for the Climate Psychology Alliance and provides psychological support for activists.

Sarah Hinds – Counsellor | The Garden – Derbyshire (

Stonehenge Heritage Action Group (SHAG)

Stop HS2 – Speakers from Bluebell Woods Protection Camp resisting the construction of HS2

Radical Routes – Lisa and Gabriel



Northern Green Gathering welcomes environmental and political groups and activists to hold talks and workshops for all ages to participate in.

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