Campaigns Area

Challenging times. – Economic squeeze, heat or eat, stagflation. The Climate Crisis…Do not fear! The Campaigns Area at NGG is here to give you hope!

We’ve got some wonderful Workshop Providers, and look forward to your participation, so you can feel the positive changes to Your Life that coming Northern Green Gathering can spark, and help to change the world for the better….

Here’s a sample of what’s on offer in the Campaigns Area

How making a petition can change council policy to ‘save the bees’ and influence other policy changes.

Practical ways to prevent food waste, and make compost.

How we can all learn to Campaign with respect and good communication to help make positive, practical changes and avoid burnout.

Consent and what it means to us and other communities.

How Compassion, as a conscious force can change approaches to change away from conflict.

How we can find ways to deal with the cost-of-living crisis/wage slave trap and live the life we dreamed of!

Extinction Rebellion’s Consent Advocacy Team

 A team within XR that teaches workshops around consent and aims to normalise discussions around consent in activist spaces.

‘Introduction to Consent Advocacy’

Aims to introduce participants to conversations around consent in our daily lives (including physical, emotional and sexual encounters), as well as the role of consent advocacy wider activist communities and spaces. In this introduction, we will touch on issues such as what consent means to you, what it feels like to listen to your gut when it comes to consent, and how language can play a part in giving and receiving consent. We also talk about how consent affects us on micro and macro scales including how consent affects communities, particularly Indigenous communities and their struggles for land autonomy.

Consent and the Body

Is a follow-on from the Introduction to Consent workshop and explores issues surrounding consent, sexual harassment, and power dynamics in more focus. It aims to provide participants with a more in-depth understanding of what good consent looks like and uses helpful analogies and ways of thinking about the different components of consent to aid one’s understanding. It is an interactive workshop and we encourage participants to share ideas, thoughts, and experiences within a safer and confidential space. The workshop also features discussions around the complications or barriers to consensual relationships including systemic oppression and power imbalances. Through this workshop and our introductory workshop, we hope to normalise discussions about consent in spaces, as we believe that consent should be at the heart of our values.

 Compost Cultures

Development officer for ‘Green and Growing’ who has started an exciting new project called ‘Compost Cultures’ designed to reduce food waste in Birmingham by developing community composting and compost demonstration sites around the city. “By August we will have two demonstration sites set up, hosting regular demonstration events for the public.

We are partnered with an organisation called ‘Incredible Surplus’ who intercept waste food and other surplus and redistribute on a Pay-as-you-feel basis. Food waste from UK households and businesses is around 9.5 million tonnes, associated with more than 25 Mt of GHG emissions. (Source: so tackling food waste in this way has huge social and environmental benefits”

( link for more info:

Bee Friendly Brum

 Ban Pesticides in Birmingham to protect the bee population.

In May 2021 we stated a petition calling on Birmingham City Council to ban pesticides in the city. This has been hugely successful getting over 96,000 signatures (see link below). We also started a social media campaign called ‘Bee Friendly Brum’ to support the petition. At the time of writing we are due to officially submit the petition to the council on Feb 21st and have begun discussions about a phase out. Birmingham has one of the biggest local authorities in Europe and is also one of the greenest cities so getting the council to ban pesticides would a huge success to the wider movement to ban pesticides and promote environmentally friendly alternatives to “weed” management. I will talk about this campaign too. Please see links below for more information-And please sign our petition! Petition link-

 Seed Ball Making workshops

 We use Non-GM organic and native wildflower seed mix/organic peat free compost and none toxic air drying clay.

Brief introduction to ‘Radical Routes’

Conversations around Co-op living: No landlords, no bosses!

Radical Routes is a network of radical co-ops whose members are committed to working for positive, radical social change. The network is made up mainly of housing co-ops of various sizes, a few workers co-ops and a couple of social centres.

In this conversation we will present Radical Routes principles and objectives, share our experiences of co-op living, in an open dialogue with participants.

‘How Compassion Can Change the World’

We all know that compassion is important, but it’s a fairly new idea that it can be a conscious force to really change the direction our society is going in a positive way. The growing worldwide movement around compassion training has big ambitions! Could it succeed where more ‘hard-nosed’ approaches to change-making have so far failed to make the difference that is needed?

Most of us can be at our best, creative, generous, courageous and productive selves when we feel we belong, feel safe and secure. Kindness, compassion and wellbeing build individual and organisational capability and care-ability by creating a supportive environment for a good life that everyone can and should be part of.

Kindness & Compassion are the ground in which wellbeing can flourish. Join us if you would like to see a kinder world!

Reconnection Sanctuary: Eco-activism Burnout Resilience

Our time is precious. How we devote our time matters. Everyone seems to want a piece of our time – social media, jobs, activism, families. Our life, passions and joy are so important. Yet we can’t sustain these if we’re burning out.

This trauma-informed workshop is for anyone who wants to reconnect. It’s for anyone who needs a break, and for anyone who wants to receive support to maintain (or establish!) personal boundaries. This workshop is for anyone who wants to live with more fluidity, togetherness and flow. We’ll discover tools to support us, and practice re-sourcing ourselves to cultivate our resilience. Bring a spirit of inquiry and curiosity!

Stuart Basden, Co-founder of ‘Extinction Rebellion’

Stuart Basden initiated many of the core working groups, and is touring Europe to facilitate weekend gatherings during the height of the movement. He is in his fifth year of training in Worldwork Facilitation – a cutting-edge group-focused modality inspired by the integrative awareness discipline of Processwork psychotherapy. He has facilitated hundreds of workshops across multiple continents. He holds a Masters in Philosophy. He mostly lives in Bristol.

Northern Green Gathering welcomes environmental and political groups and activists to hold talks and workshops for all ages to participate in.

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