Campaigns Area

Mobius Loop and the Hemp Redemption Stage

Confirmed for NGG 2021! And not only are they playing the festival but their new Hemp Redemption Stage will provide the stage for our Campaigns area. 

Thursday Night “Introducing”, A charity fundraiser
Hosted by The Ferrets  

Each of the performers on Thursday night will be representing a charity .
Votes can be bought , Money will be raised at the wine bar.




A post-punk duo exploring socio-political & feminist themes through music/song, with clarity & sharp wit

Sarah Hinds

Folk singer and songwriter Sarah Hinds lives in Belper, Derbyshire. Born in Derbyshire, Sarah is developing a reputation for her songs about Belper and the surrounding area. She was previously known for playing bass guitar in ‘The Mothers’ an all mum punk band.
Using classical and flamenco guitar she sings songs of love and loss. Making observations about life she explores the impact of the modern world and loss of the natural environment on people’s lives.

Wise young fools

Wise Young Fools also act as our ‘house band’ leading the end of night and Sunday evening open mike/jam sessions. They provide the music and anyone is welcome to take the mic


Helen Wilson

closing the stage in 2019  , and returning again for 2021

Closing the Weekend entertainment at the late night Sento Spa Silent Disco DJ….



We have spoken word poets throughout the weekend on the campaigns stage…

The Wild Words Eyrie

The poets of the wild word will be giving workshops, of the written  and performing on the stage through out the weekend.
For the past three festivals Wild words has been at the heart of the campaigns area.

Eve Nortley
Gordon Zola
Helen Shenton
Tracey Walker
Rachel Gilbert
Emma Lea



Leon the pig farmer

Jack Horner, aka
Leon the pig farmer Manchester based Yorkshire beat poet .
ex-serviceman who has been compared to both a belt fed mortar explosion and a staccato assault full of energy and emotion which can silence and mesmerize an audience.

Jimmy Andrex

Black Horse Poet of the Year on two occasions, he has published two collections,three albums of poems to music, and playwright.


Bard Company

Delighted to confirm comedy socialist punk pop favourites Bard Company will be playing  on the Soapbox Stage at NGG 2021.

Saturday Night

all right for fighting that great socialist fight.


Our top MC, and poet extraordinaire will host the “WRITE A RANT” workshop which will be presented on the Campaigns stage Sunday in





The permaculture panel

With Permaculture experts from around the field discussing different aspects of permaculture in and out of the Garden.



Sunday Jam

Poets and Musicians from campaigns and the festival



Campaigners in the field and on the stage


Take a knee

We are delighted to be joined by Yasmin Plews of Sheffield Take The Knee who, with just a week to go before the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd, will be inviting you all to Take The Knee Thursday evening


Friday we will be exploring topics of Social Justice

Hemp Redemption
Golden harvest
Global Justice Now
Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign
Lincolnshire Hunt Sabs


Saturday we will be having a rally for the Planet

In case of climate Emergency follow the Samba

Stop HS2
Energy Equality

– Also in the Campaigns Area 2021-

friends of The Horse drawn Campaign
& Supporters Horsebox Hub and marquee
Rage against Hs2
Open Spaces speaker
Musicians and story tellers
around the fire



Love to Grow

Love to Grow

Introducing Eco Warrior Debs – Debs is passionate about helping save our planet, trying to live a more sustainable life and abandoning toxic products in our homes (related to my little girl, who has suffered allergies and eczema all her life). She designs and makes 100% natural and organic eco cleaning products under the name of Love2growuk.


workshops – ‘How can we live more sustainably?’ writing a list of ideas to share and getting everyone to pledge to starting a new one!

Workshop ‘How to Make your Own Eco Cleaning Products’ with demonstration and everyone to have a go and make one to take home (for a donation/cover costs) using empty bottles saved up all year!


Wild food walks from the Campaigns Area 10:30 Saturday and Sunday
with James Adams


New Games with Dale Lafevre

Even if we find ourselves obeying rules of social distance , and cannot achieve the human knots of the past , Dale has New Games for social distancing , I hope we can all get under the parachute by August , but …

People are quite hungry for a chance to take a break from all the dire news. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air. It’s a chance to let all those worries go, to relax, get recharged. Play is needed now more than ever.

Bob Banks

Imagining into life the future we want We are emerging from the pandemic into a new world.  The form this takes will depend on the imagination of all of us – what we envision and the stories we tell.   In this workshop, we will go on an inner journey to discover and connect with our own vision of the world we want to see, that sings to our hearts.
And you may see Doctor Hope in the field giving pop up consultations about your concerns about how the world’s going – and be given a “prescription”, based on what you say, to boost your hopefulness, and help you engage.


The Crew Shop

The hundreds of volunteer workers, Artists and musicians that work for free to put together this festival have been invited to bring their Art, Craft, Tatt, CDs, DVDs, to the crew shop where we will display their wares for sale.

In the crew shop , in the Campaigns marquee…

Spanna Man and the Labyrinth

Lincolnshire Hunt Sabs


(The little Anarchist bookshop)