Healing Area


We’ve got some real treats in store in the Healing area this year, with a fabulous team of healers to help quiet your mind and mobilise your body. Come and be nourished by dance and meditation, yoga, movement therapy, sound healing and Celtic earth meditation, or be held in a safe space in a men’s or women’s circle (all trans-friendly of course). Expand your mind with discussions about herbal medicine, radical mental health and cultural appropriation in the healing world.



Or just come and relax in our healing garden…


Meet the Healers

Anne Galvin

(Reiki/Massage/ Reflexology)

Multi-tasking, such a valuable asset to cultivate, has become so much the norm of life that we have all but lost the ability to stop….. Receiving any form of touch therapy allows the body to relax in a way only achieved by meditation, a state in which the body’s systems are able to function at their optimum and its natural healing abilities to come into effect. Touch reconnects the physical mental and spiritual aspects of the body, bringing adaptations and compensations of tension to the notice of the nervous-muscular systems and literally Re-minding of default settings. 💗

Elly Adam

(Bowen Therapy/Scar Tissue Release Therapy/ Indian Head Massage,/Reiki: energy therapy)

I’m a Bowen Therapy & Canine Bowen Therapy practitioner working around the Forest of Dean. I help people & dogs feel free from pain & free to move again.

Travelling Homeopath Collective Angie Zajac

(Homeopathic Practitioners)

We are a charity of professional homeopaths offerring free homeopathic treatment for punters and crew who get ill at festival e.g.headaches, hangovers, hay fever, PMT, coughs, colds, sore throats, upset stomachs, cystitis, sprains etc.

Melany Zarate

(I am an indigenous holder of the Inga tradition and Reiki Master as well as astrologer)

I am a young person. My work is to help people get out of the cycles of misinformation due to how white people have misappropriated our culture and not used it in the right way. I am an astrologer and I help people see the areas in which they need to direct their attention as well as provide energy cleansing using multiple modalities raging from reiki to the elements like fire ceremonies that belong to my indigenous tradition. I do this for the wellbeing of all beings and not just for the few. If we are not part of the co-liberation movement that is not true healing. 

Jasdeep Chattha

(121 tailor made yoga programs and diet and lifestyle support)

Healing hands for touch based body movement & massage using an amalgamation of techniques; Swedish massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, deep tissue & myofascial soothing touch.

Despina Hafiz 

(Remedial & relaxing massage, reiki)

Healing hands for touch based body movement & massage using an amalgamation of techniques; Swedish massage, acupressure, aromatherapy,deep tissue & myofascial soothing touch.

Maureen Wycherly

(Access Bars)

I’m a passionate sharer of energy healing to empower people to know that they know. To trust themselves above all else and have the tools to choose more for their lives. Access Bars is an amazing touch point therapy. By lightly holding 32 points on the head, all the points of view or stories you hold that won’t let you move forward or change things in your life are dissipated. You are left clear headed, relaxed and with a sense of space like you’ve probably never experienced before.

Jess Robson

(Holistic Massage, Reflexology, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage)

I am Jess, a Holistic Massage therapist from Leeds. Followings consultation, I tailor massages to individual needs on the day to provide a nurturing treatment that is most helpful to you.

Frances Hansom

(Angelic Reiki / Chakra Balancing / Tera-Mai & Seichem Reiki)

Hi, my name is Frances and I am an Energy Healer and teacher based in Leeds. I am a lifetime student of my craft but I am also trained in numerous systems of energy and spiritual healing. My life is enhanced by embracing the dynamic way that I experience the energy that is all around and within us and I love to share that with others. I began my Usui Reiki training in 2011, and since then I have worked diligently and slowly to become a Reiki Master Teacher and build up my knowledge of this extraordinary form of therapy. In addition to traditional Usui Reiki healing and teaching, I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Tera-Mai & Seichem Reiki practitioner and Shamanic Practitioner student which allows me to work with the energy of Ascended Angelic energies and Master Guides for powerful and transformative work and self-development. As well as teaching, I also run retreats along with Workshops, circles and Group Energy Healing events.

Ella Norman

(Holistic Therapist)

Ella is a trans inclusive female empowerment therapist. She works across multiple disciplines from her extensive training to create treatments which ground, nurture and release using tools depending on what the individual needs. She has put a lot of work into ensuring she can call her therapy space a safe space for people who have experienced trauma and trans women. 

Jo Brierly

(Esoteric Healing and Be Activated, muscle activation)

Esoteric Healing: Please note sessions are one and a half hours long. My aim is to bring into your awareness that which is holding you back from singing your souls song. Sessions are three part: observation of the body; a journey into your imagination to resource you for the journey ahead and lastly, energy work sequences as appropriate. You will need time afterwards to allow the experience to settle. Be Activated: Many of us have experienced injury or trauma during our lives. Some of us cope well, others do not. This process is of special interest to those that experience physical weakness and non impact injuries (e.g. knees, ankles and shoulders) leading to a loss of ease of movement and, in my experience, the loss of much of the joy of life. On a physical level our breathing patterns become sub-optimal which has a knock on effect on our mobilising muscles (as well as many other aspects of our emotional and mental wellbeing). With compromised breathing and movement patterns, life feels shabby doesn’t it? I experienced much of this for 20 odd years, then I learned this, simple enough, technique and it has given me back my ‘get up and go’. Don’t get me wrong, its not miraculous. You (or your carer/loved one) needs to do this to you, often. At the beginning daily. But it works.

Pauline Carney

(The Art of Palmistry: Hand Reading by Pauline Carney)

I offer 1-1 Hand Reading (Palmistry) sessions which provide a safe space for my client to receive guidance and understanding of the self. Palmistry is a powerful tool for those on a journey towards greater self awareness and to those looking for conscious connection to themselves, other beings, and Mother Earth. I look forward to connecting with you in the field.