NGG Healing 2021 welcomes your application to be part of the crew! We need therapists, teachers, workshop leaders, stewards, site art and setup crew. Come and share your time and skills

Healers and therapists are invited to charge for your services, but are encouraged to operate on a sliding scale or donations basis to make them widely accessible. We ask you to work for at least 5 hours per day. A 20% contribution of your fees to NGG Healing will be payable at the end of the event, to help our area to sustain itself.

Workshops are provided free of charge and workshop leaders will be working for your ticket only. We ask that you provide your workshop at least twice over the weekend, and that workshops are between 1.5 to 2 hours long.

A reduced-rate “helper’s ticket” will be available for partners or friends who will help you with your setup/childcare/etc, and children below 16 can come in free of charge.

Application forms are now available on the ‘get involved’ page http://nggonline.org.uk/wordpress/get-involved/  . To apply for 2020, please fill in the ‘Healing Therapists’ application form and email it to healing@nggonline.org.uk. The deadline for applications is 15th July 2020.

Hope to see you in the fields! x

Maggie McAteer
A Holistic Therapist with over twenty years experience offering a range of treatments – including Swedish/Deep Tissue Massage; Reflexology; Indian Head Massage and Ayurvedic foot Massage.
You will find Maggie in the Healing area, where she looks forward to welcoming you to her beautiful healing space and tailoring the treatment to meet your needs.
I teach beginner’s salsa, beginner to advanced bollywood, bhangra, reggaeton and even twerking! I like to show people that they can do anything with their bodies if they put their minds to it and have patience, support and a teacher with good vybes.
As a yoga teacher I help people to experience contentment, to become more flexible and stronger, and to feel less anxious and improve their sleep. Whatever your goals are let me know and I will help you however I can.
Big and Little Yoga
Charlotte will be leading morning Iyengar sessions, focusing on alignment, posture and breathing, and running a special family yoga session where she gets the little ones involved.
Charlotte has been teaching yoga since 2011. Her classes gently encourage strengthening and toning in the core, pelvic and back muscles and leave students feeling reconnected to their body and energised

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Qoya – Wise, Wild and Free – with Sonia Matthews

Quoya is an embodiment mindful movement practice based on the idea that through movement we remember our true essence is Wise, Wild and Free. Its an exploration of a theme and incorporates yoga, free dance, shadow contrast dance, shaking etc. I’m Sonia, and I’m passionate about movement and how it benefits the body, mind and spirit and how it reconnects us to our true essence. Qoya is a journey of movement through a theme, helping us to trust the physical sensation of truth in our bodies. It’s liberating and empowering. I believe the world can be a better place if we are all a little more connected to both ourselves and each other. And this is my offering to bring us a step closer to that
AnjiRox Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage I would like to share my passion for yoga and complimentary therapies with you. I was lucky enough to be rated as one of the best 3 yoga classes in Doncaster by my students. My passion is to make Yoga accessible to everyone. I have had my own struggles with back pain, body image, shoulder and neck injuries, not feeling like I have a conventional yoga body (whatever that is). My journey into yoga has given me an amazing sense of well being and healing. I am hoping that anyone who comes to my classes finds that my teaching style makes yoga something they enjoy. I can’t wait for you to join me on the Yoga mat, teaching yoga I am in my absolute happy place!I So look forward to meeting you.
Find me in the Healing Area.

Gabriel Neiva  Homeopathic first aid

A crash course introduction to first aid in homeopathy, treating ailments that we usually do at home, like cuts, bruises, colds, fever and coughs, digestive troubles & other common minor ail ments. After an initial overview of homeopathic principles, the workshop will present the most common remedies and some cases, so participants can find the matching remedy. The workshop will run on three days: the first day, an hour on Homeopathy Philosophy and its main principles; the following days for an hour and a half; second day on cuts, bruises, burns, as well as travel and digestive troubles; third day on colds, fevers and coughs.
As a homeopath, I am pleased to share the knowledge of treating minor ailments at home. It is an integral part of our family life, providing a safe, sustainable and natural way of healing.

May be a close-up of 1 person and outdoorsLaura Bernardi – Lishi Tai Chi

Lishi comes from China and is a physical practise of ancient science and philosophy. People who practise Lishi become fitter, healthier and happier. Lishi Tai Chi is a relaxing and at the same time energising exercise technique. An introduction to Lishi Tai Chi will be offered, starting off with a gentle warm up, you will warm the joints up, you will learn some basic stances, you will do a Kai Men -chinese Yoga, you will do breathing exercises, you will learn Tai Chi forms, Qigong and Moving Meditation. Combined with some partner exercises too. The sessions will be repeated over the 4days and will last 1hr or just a little over.
Lishi is a great art that can improve every part of one`s life in an amazing way. I have benefited in many ways including stress-relief, strenght, harmony, focus, overall health. When practicing correctly there are apparent improvements. There are so many ways Lishi can help and many reasons that people take Lishi up! It`s a community of brilliant people with a high energie life-style.


Fra Panella

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1. Feel at home anywhere in the world (open to all) Have you moved countries or cities) once, twice or maybe numerous times? Would you like to feel comfortable in your skin and true to yourself in any country in the world? Join us and discover a few ways to find your feet in a new territory and own your voice amongst a new choir of people.
2. Reclaiming Selfishness – women only Giving yourself permission to be selfish is a vital act of self love and self care. Explore different ways in which you can make yourself a priority and believe you are worthy of receiving. In this workshop you will learn how to identify your needs, how to anchor yourself into your non-negotiables and ask for what you need.
As a belonging coach and Humans Being Trainer, I work with women from all walks in life to expand into their rich and prismatic identities, so they can stop looking ‘out there’ for belonging and start leading their world with their bold voices.

Ian Pepper – What Makes a Man

A three part workshop different subjects relating to masculinity:
1.‘Inside the Man box ‘ in which we look at what behaviour and feelings are permitted in society as a man and how we can change/challenge this
.2. ‘Heroes and Zeroes’ in which we look at the role models which had an impact on us as children and young men, who we might look to for advice and encouragement now, and what ‘good’ men look like to us. We will also look at ‘the Shadow’ and how accept and integrate our weaknesses.
3. ‘Who is the Modern Man?’ in which we explore some of the issues facing men in their changing roles from the job market to gender identity and unpack how we can traverse this new landscape. I am interested in helping to support men to lead happier and healthier lives.

I have a background in counselling and art therapy and have been involved in both group work and mental health support for over 10 years. I run the West Leeds Men’s Network which provides social support groups for men who struggle with social isolation and mental health issues. The groups help men who have difficulties forming and building social connections to learn communication skills and build confidence.

May be an image of 1 person, standing, tree and outdoorsMark Collins will be offering Tai Chi/Chi Kung

I am based in Gloucestershire, near Stroud (originally from Lincoln) where I have been teaching professionally for the last 15 years. I have taught Tai Chi in the main Healing Area at the Green Gathering around the last 5 years and in the same at Glastonbury for several years.

Lisa Labate will be talking Positive Family Nutritian

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This workshop is for eco and health-conscious parents who want to feed their children a diet in line with their values but stumble across daily challenges: lack of time to prepare nutritious meals, dealing with picky eaters, feeding a family with different tastes and dietary requirements. We will discuss practical tips to simplify everything that has to do with feeding, and explore how to raise happy eaters and provide them with the foundation of a healthy relationship with food for their lifetime. Whether your child has finished his broccoli or not at dinner doesn’t matter. What matters is the quality of the relationship with food he is building for the future.

Jay Herring & Despina Hafiz will be offering gong baths

Spoken guided introduction (mindfulness and then expansion of awareness). Then sound with gongs (I also use my voice) for 50 mins or so. Then a guided spoken grounding/ body scan

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