A vibrant collection of healers prepares to share their skills and wisdom at NGG this year. From hands on healing to No-Hands massage, Reiki to shiatsu, craniosacral therapy to aromatherapy and nutritional therapy to homeopathy, we’re working with all aspects of mind, body and spirit.

Please note that all these therapists are professionals in their field and therefore charge a fee for their services. We have asked therapists to make their treatments accessible to everyone who requires them, and we hope all parties will partake in an honest and satisfying exchange of energy.

We also have a jam-packed schedule of workshops throughout the weekend, as well as pop-up Tai chi and creative writing workshops, so take the timetable below with a pinch of salt and check the blackboards on site for the final arrangements…

Wellbeing workshop tent
  Friday Saturday Sunday
08:00-10:00 Coming home to ourselves – (gentle yoga) Coming Home to Ourselves Qoya for Women
10:15-12:15 Kids Yoga Breath of Bliss yoga Kids Yoga
12:30-14:30     Somatics
14:45-16:45 Forest Inpired Yoga Somatics Mindful Yin Yoga
17:00-19:00 Mindful Yin Yoga Qoya for Women (movement to remember we are wise, wild and free)  
Healing Garden Space
  Friday Saturday Sunday
08:00-10:00   Creating Confidence Coping with Eco-lapse: evolving energy spirals
10:15-12:15   Coping with Eco-lapse: evolving energy spirals Change Work
12:30-14:30   Acro Yoga Mindful Yin Yoga
14:45-16:45   Forest inspired yoga  


Workshops are provided free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you in the field! x