Dogs at Northern Green Gathering

This year at Northern Green Gathering we are releasing a limited number of dog tickets to the public. This has graciously been allowed by the farmers Jay and Katja this year as a trial, and if all goes well we will hopefully be able to call ourselves a dog-friendly event in the future.

But with a dog-friendly event comes great responsibility. The farm is home to brown hares, and the farmers are concerned about the danger that loose dogs present to the hares. This means dogs on leads at all times when in the camping, car park or event fields. There is a footpath where dog owners can exercise their dogs, which will be marked on the map in your information pack.

While Bradley Nook Farm is no longer a beef farm, and the herd of cattle has been given away to an animal sanctuary, Jay and Katja do still keep a small herd as pets. This means that all dogs coming to NGG need to be treated for fleas and worms to avoid passing these parasites on to the cows. Please treat your dog at least three days before arrival at NGG to ensure the treatment is effective.

Please only bring your dog if:
– you can’t find a dog sitter
– your dog is happy in a festival environment
– your dog is safe around kids and other dogs
– you are happy to treat your dog for fleas and worms

Owners are responsible for their dog’s behaviour and welfare at all times. This includes:
– Picking up your dog’s poo
– Keeping your dog on a lead (with a human at the other end!)
– Ensuring that your dog has adequate food, water and shade
– Preventing excessive noise or aggressive behaviour by your dog

Dog owners must not: 
–  tie up their dog in a noisy/busy location where it might be distressed
– lock their dog in a car with closed windows

Upon arrival, owners will need to give their contact details to the volunteers at the box office, and provide evidence of flea and worming treatment. Owners will then be given a tag to put on the dog’s collar so that it can be easily identified. Included in the price of a dog ticket is a £20 dog deposit will be refunded once the tag has been returned, assuming the above requirements have been met.

There is a footpath next to the site where dogs can be walked off the lead, with access through the Dog Gate directly across from the main entrance, but dogs must be kept on leads in the event and parking fields. Failure to comply with the dogs-on-leads rule, or any of the above rules, will result in a warning. There will not be a second warning, and any dog owners found breaking the rules a second time will be escorted out of the Gathering.

By purchasing a dog ticket you are agreeing to these conditions, and empowering NGG Stewards, Security and Organisers to enforce this policy as they deem necessary. This includes forcing entry to vehicles at owners expense if the welfare of the dog is at risk.