Campaigns Area

Again in the Campaigns Area on our SoapBox Stage, from Solsound,  we have a mixture of campaigns and activist talks about the issues that concern us, interspersed with community theatre, poetry and music on our open mike sessions.  Our bigger and better marquee will house art for mental health and a small tea stall and we have additional workshops and campaigns stalls. Finally, fun for all the family with New Games by Dale in the field, and scribbling with Frogglebaggle. We are also delighted to welcome Dahlicious and their gorgeous curry to the campaigns area.

On the weekend commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre, we will commemorate this seminal event in our social history.  




The Great Climate Debate Bard Company  The Wild words Eyrie
Resisting Spycops   Bioduk
Mel Strickland of the Stanstead 15 Threadbear Theater  Fraggle Boggle
Extinction rebellion Wild words Derbyshire against the cull
Plastic free cities Jimmy Andrex Transition Belper
Fox hunt Sabbing Jimmy Juggle  Derbyshire Refugee Solidarity
Clay Cross Against Fracking Ian Winter CND
This means Raw 

Rowland Crowland  New Games
GM Freeze The ferrets Laura Taylor
Growing Hope

Patience (Indie rock)

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Mick & Laura Hawkins

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Campaign Field NEWS

Campaigners and Activists! We are delighted to announce this year’s Campaigns Soap Box stage headline talk by Mel Strickland of the #Stansted15

The Great Climate Debate , Thursday Evening  … 
With the prospects of the COP2020 coming to Britain, and the Friday school strike going Global in the fall  , Some of the Campaign fields key speakers at this years festival, such as Friday schools strikers,  extinction rebellion, local anti fracking , trade unions , will be participants in this open panel discussion.
Providing a festival opener and a chance for some cross campaign fusion, and meet some of the activists who will be with us for the weekend.

Resisting Spy Cops
by Dave Morris – Dave is a community activist who, due to his wide ranging support to grass roots movements, and particularly his role as one of the ‘McLibel‘ case defendants, was target by #SpyCops. – Activists uncovered and exposed the scandalous secret political policing units that targeted over 1,000 activist groups over the last 50 years – leading to a major, ongoing Public Inquiry. Dave will be speaking on Saturday in the campaigns area. Find out more and celebrate 50 years of inspirational movements for social change!

Mel Strickland is a community activist and member of @PlaneStupid, an environmental direct action group committed to preventing further airport expansion on social and climate justice grounds. Plane Stupid now also campaigns for migrant justice because climate and migrant justice intersect. Mel took part in the #Stansted15 action where activists actually stopped a deportation flight – they were the first group ever to stop a deportation, and have faced serious terrorist charges in court as a consequence.

— A must-hear talk for any campaigners concerned at the increasing use of anti-terrorism legislation against peaceful activists

Derbyshire Against the Cull – formed to oppose badger culling  that began in Derbyshire last autumn. We have opposed culling since it began in 2013 and yet still it continues. This year there will be over 21 cull zones throughout England, including Derbyshire. Come along and find out how you can oppose the unnecessary, unscientific slaughter of badgers this autumn.

Clay Cross Against Fracking
A NE Derbyshire group campaigning both locally and nationally. We link in with regional groups and events as well as supporting the front line fracking sites.
Updates on fracking in the UK, reasons to resist fracking, and what you can do about it!

Bard Company
Returning this year on Saturday night in the campaigns area: Gordon Zola, Ian Whiteley, Jeffarama! and Tony Kinsella were once the Angry Young Men of their generation. Now they are Vaguely Miffed Middle-Aged Whingers of a new age – raging Poetically against global capitalism, unjust conflict and the rising price of cardigans and nice slippers! Bringing you a phalanx of verses, songs and one-liners, Bard Company are: Rocky Bard, Punky Bard, Bolshie Bard and Cheezy Bard. They are a right bunch of Bards!

Chris Nortley / Aka Rowland Crowland will be joining the poetry performance crew on the Campaign’s area Soap Box stage this year – here’s a taste of what to expect –

The Wild Words Eyrie – Situtated in the campaigns area the Wild Word Eyrie are running multiple workshops across the weekend, while raising money to save their local library. Their programme includes : “Singing for Fun” – acapela singing workshop, “Trash is for Tossers” – a look at living in a plastic free world, “Flash fiction workshop” and “Writing about Love” – a poetry workshop. So writers you need look no further for all your NGG inspiration!

We are delighted to announce the return of Ian Winter to the campaigns area Soap Box stage for NGG 2019. “Ian throws words at you like a mad-man throwing eggs at Cathedrals” – Dave Pattison producer. – Winner of the Huddersfield Literature Festival Slam and York’s Say owt Loud Champion of Champion Slams, and two times Hammer and Tongues National Finalist.


Jimmy Andrex
performing Thursday night in the campaigns area. 2x Black Horse Poet of the Year, Edinburgh Fringe performer & compere of Holmfirth’s legendary Hot Banana Open Mic night. Jimmy is a published poet and musician described by Steve Pottinger as “angry, clever and articulate” – though his wife thinks he should just tidy up that pile of books next to the bed! Come and enjoy his live performance at the Northern Green Gathering.

Laura Taylor,,


ThreadBear Theatre :

We use Playback Theatre to bring your stories to life immediately with music and drama, inviting you to share your stories and see moments from your lives made into theatre, creating connections with each other along the way. Our events are a chance for people to reflect on their time. 

Growing Hope

We need ways to sustain our hope and our positive energy, as we try to live well and to protect our earth.   Especially at times when we might feel worn out or discouraged.   This workshop will explore and share ways of growing  hope and energy together. It’s based on the “Active Hope” approach of Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone.