The (not so) Northern Green Gathering 2021 will be held at Scholey Park near Coningsby in Lincolnshire

After months of uncertainty and searching for a suitable site during the coronavirus pandemic, we are excited to announce that Northern Green Gathering 2021 will be held at Scholey Park, a beautiful site in Lincolnshire (we know, not very Northern, but wait till you see it!). The land is flat, has been chemical-free for 17 years, and features wooded and re-wilded areas. There is a stream through the site and a canal with a towpath which leads to Coningsby, perfect for dog walking or a 20 minute stroll to the shop.

One of the biggest environmental impacts of Festivals and Gatherings is the fuel people burn when they travel to and from the event. As a Green Gathering we try to minimise the number of vehicles attending the event. We charge for car parking and offset this money against the ticket prices, so it pays to fill the vehicle, lift share and share travel costs.

For lift share arrangements, use the website The page is currently being updated to show the correct location information.

Public Transport

This page will be updated soon with travel information.

We are looking into providing a shuttle service from Lincoln rail station, as well as a cycle group to link up with public transport and provide more sustainable ways to get to Northern Green Gathering.