Reaction Bike-Power Stage

Expect big sounds from the Reaction Bike-Power stage. This is a truly people powered stage featuring the mighty Reaction Sound System.

The speakers are 100% people powered using 9 bike generators pedalled by YOU! The cyclists have to work together to keep power levels high – the harder you pedal the louder it gets! Reaction use their custom built solar rig to power the lights and keep the decks spinning, resulting in fossil fuel free, full eco-vibes.    

This year they have expanded their horizons and as well as the customary reggae, dub and jungle from the Reaction Crew, they’ve invited a selection of their pals to bring you funk, folk, afrobeat and disco – combining to give you some serious aural pleasure.


Line-Up 2019

Latest AdditionPrince Jean-Jeff

Notorious buccaneer of the high-seas Lord Prince Jean-Jeff de la Mer, Lord of the Sea (known also as Prince Jean-Jeff), swapped piracy for Dub & Reggae DJing in 2004, becoming a founder member of High Pressure Sound System in Leeds. Nowadays he has little time for music as he runs a busy caravan site, but occasionally he can be convinced to return to the decks, especially if he doesn’t have to lift any speakers.
This set will be a volume that should be more appropriate for babies/young children.


Motormouf (LIVE)

Motormouf is a hip-hop hippy who travels the galaxy armed with only a loop station, a microphone, and his quick fire lyrics and phat beats!

2x semi-finalist in the UK Beatbox championships (loop pedal category 2015 and 2016

and 3rd place in Italy’s Vocaloop competition (2016)

Instagram – @Young_motormouf

And YouTube, along with various collaborations such as: Jonjo feat. Motormouf – Cherry Tree


Sister Silver

Sister Silver plays reggae always with a positive message and riddims for dancing.



Maria grew up immersed within Bristol’s rich soundsystem culture. Now residing in Leeds and having played at the likes of Subdub, her passion and experience with bass music continues to grow with a record collection to match. Maria plays all-vinyl sets of meditative roots and steppers through to uplifting 140s.



Version Girl

Version Girl began playing tunes when she was 15 after getting herself a residency alongside highest grade sound . After a year or two of lugging the milk crates of records on the bus after school she had a little hiatus, playing only a few gigs here and there. Although these past few years she’s joined forces with the like of Rum Runner Soundsystem, Majestic Soundsystem and Rootsoup Soundsystem, who she plays with regularly. She has recently started a night in Exeter called Roots connection, in collaboration with Majestic Soundsystem. You can expect to hear a mix of the tuffest roots, dub and dancehall. Version Girl also makes videos of all things reggae, most notably the ‘Southall Soundysstems and Dub’ documentary which was aired on sky.


Jethro Platts (Poet)

Jethro’s influences draw heavily on his experience growing up, living and working in the communities that make up his beloved town of Barnsley in South Yorkshire.

Listen to yarns from his first ever festival experience, rants at injustice and wrongdoing, tales from the pit canteen and reflections on relationships passed.

As a volunteer and activist Jethro facilitates Barnsley’s Spoken Voices, a community group that seeks to encourage local residents to write, record and perform their words in a safe and supportive environment. He also volunteers with Barnsley Refugee Council where men from many backgrounds and nationalities explore language together via the written and spoken word.

Jethro is currently working on the second CD of his work to follow on from ‘Harping On’ his debut recording of which he might just have a few copies left?


Roots Tradition Roundbeat Sound System

Roots Tradition: born in 2015 when two goods friends decided to come together and build a Sound System, we aim to promote our unfailing love of Reggae Roots and Dub delivered in an upful bass heavy style.

Consisting of Ras Tenda, Sound Man, MC and selector supreme.

Ras Tenda has been involved in the Sound System scene for over 25 years, operating and selecting for the mighty Earth Rocker Sound System from Huddersfield.

Little Warrior brings the female side of the sound, selectress and operator, she might be little, but she plays a tuff selection!

The Roots Tradition Sound Crew may be just be two, but we know how to rock the dance!


Anatta Sound

Hailing from Leeds, Anatta Sound are a DJ and production duo with a love for Roots, Dub, Dancehall and Soundsystem music. They have an extensive collection of records, productions, dubplates and specials cut to wax that they’ve been cultivating for a number of years. 

Having played alongside and supported many soundsystems and selectors, as well as making appearances at the legendary Subdub, Dancehall Science, Outlook Festival and HighRise, they have an ear for great music and know how to play to a crowd.

They also run their own night in Leeds, a monthly mid-week reggae and dub social “Selector’s Choice”, aimed at bringing both established and more diverse up and coming selectors to the decks for a good session and a dance.


Stu Boogaloo

Fresh off a trailblazing tour of here there and everywhere with this, that and the other Stu triumphantly returns with bla, bla, bla……….only joking, he’s not even a DJ, he’s just a gardener that loves music like you. If you like funky, bassy flavours from Jamaica to India.


Chris Holt

Collector and self proclaimed vinyl junkie with a career spanning twenty-plus years as a DJ, radio presenter, producer and record label owner, Chris Holt continues to be a familiar face at many of the North West’s best parties.

As part of the Source 48 collective in the early nineties, Chris pioneered and perfected his trademark blend of soul, funk, disco, latin, ska, reggae and afrobeat which has stood him in good stead ever since. Numerous forays into club-land followed, including stints at the legendary Jazzy Kex, Black Horse and Jazz in the Park as part of The Outbreak Collective. 

On the production front as one half of Two Mellow, Chris is currently working on a raft of new edits and productions to follow up the duo’s acclaimed No Fool EP (Curli-Que), and he is well known for dropping his own exclusive retucks into his sets.

More recently Chris continued to support Craig Charles at his Funk and Soul Club in Preston and Blackburn. He’s also guested at Diesler’s You Dig! Night at the Soup Kitchen and warmed up for Smoove & Turrell and The County Club with Greg Wilson.

At last summer’s Beat-Herder Festival Chris played in the Snug, the Secret Disco, and Trash Manor alongside Paul Thornton. Chris also played in the Love Shack at Solfest and has been getting more and more involved with the club scene in Hebden Bridge since moving to East Lancashire in 2015.

Chris’s Four Corners Radio show and podcast series, now running for over 12 years, has attracted some of the finest selectors and pioneers in the Funk/Soul and Disco scene, including John Morales, Al Kent and Nick The Record to name a few.

He’s joining us this year to play a banging Latin and Afrobeat set to get you dancing.

Mixcloud -music/


Jedi Pete

Part of the Reaction crew, playing music with a conscious message and uplifting vibe! Come get your bass meditation. Feel the force!


High Lassie

The Lady behind the sound man representing Reaction Crew with a mishmash of Reggae, hiphop and Jungle


Andy Aitchison (LIVE)

‘Twisted Hypnotic Folk Songs…’

‘A strange mix of love, loss, and a life still lived…’

‘Powerful acoustic playing and singing, Andy’s imagination takes him to broken down would-be captains of the sea, lonely minds braying in the night, star heavy winters and slowly becoming beasts.’

Andy Aitchison – sometimes known as ‘The Auburn Spaceman’ is a Yorkshireman born of Scottish parents. Now based in Otley, Leeds. Andy has been writing songs and music since first being offered piano lessons by his foster family and then later given an acoustic guitar by some friends who thought he needed an outlet for his, often over dramatic ramblings. This was a good thing.

From that came opportunity and sore fingers…joining bands, rehearsing, making friends and learning about music together over a lot of years. Bands came and went but friends stayed friends and the growing up has been enhanced by those experiences.

Years later Andy has grown into a singular musician and writer with a huge passion for music and music history. He now has an extended back catalogue of weird and wonderful musical adventures.

The founder member of experimental alt/rock Leeds band ‘Fauns’ for 8 years as singer/songwriter/guitarist, Andy has supported many touring bands and artists as well as consistently writing material for solo shows.

From country style pop/folk through to ethereal soundscapes, Andy experiments with delays and reverbs, often slipping into dub/funk & wah wah freak outs!

Using loops on the guitar and voice, sometimes reed organ, harmonica or melodica, Andy builds a song, often improvising on a theme.

With a powerful delivery, Andy Aitchison is a songwriter deeply entranced by music myth and the connection between sound and image and his love for playing live is what its all for.




Lucy Inthesky

Sure to be glitter and sparkles alongside the disco afrobeat and the odd cheesy anthem to get you in the mood. One half of the Bump’n’Grind Collective.


DJ Treekle

DJ Treekle has been playing strictly vinyl sets around Leeds for more than 10 years. Inspired by soundsystem culture, he started playing dub and roots reggae, moving swiftly onto reggae inspired drum & bass, as well as 90s old-skool and modern ragga jungle.

DJ Treekle plays regularly on the legendary bicycle powered Reaction Soundsystem, playing festivals such as Eden, Bangface and Northern Green Gathering. He also plays regularly on the first Friday of the month at Pubdub at Open Source Arts in Leeds.



MS Fabulous

I’ve been DJ-ing on and off for 10 years, mainly with Irie Vibes sound system based in York. I love to mix up the styles and decades of reggae, and in my set I go from Calypso and Bluebeat to dancehall and mash-ups, taking in ska, rocksteady and roots along the way. I love a version excursion, but most of all I love a good melody and sweet vocal harmonies or a mean bit of toasting.


MC Sherlock Art

Sherlock from birth, the Art is for the Artist, he come alive when the bassline from the sound system drops. Original Style Every Time….Sherlock Art Pon Di Version.

Born Dausette Sherlock McConnell. In Alexandria Hospital, the birth place of the late great reggae icon Bob Marley. I grew up in a small town called, Liberty Valley, Brown’s Town, St Ann, Jamaica. To a single mother Mamma Carter. I remember growing up I used to lock myself in my room writing lyrics and listening to all type of music. Football was my choice of sports and it landed me a job playing football and working at Club Carribean Family Resort.

While working i was approach by a gentleman​ by the name of Albert Tollouh, he told me he herd me singing and that my voice was different,he invited me to meet with him the following day at 6:15pm. I agreed and i meet with him, he them introduce me to the resort band and a group that he song with by name of Heart And Soul. Tony Perry And Suzette Perry was the lead vocalist for the group and they ask me to join the group to do live shows with them around the northcost. The group do alot of cover version so after the first show i told Tony Perry I don’t like doing cover versions. Tony Perry told me I could do what ever I wanted with my vocals rangs. So I started to Singjay and MC and I felt much better cause I could express myself the way I wanted to. Tony Perry becomes a mentor to me at that point. One of my prodest moment was meeting and song for Bobby Digital. He then invited me to his studio in Kingston. One Love to Sheldon Calibud Stewart.

I moved to UK in 2001 thinking it would be better for me and my family and music career. RockToArt will forever be apart of me cause I did my best to support the group while in uk. Much love to the group and it’s members.

I also would like to mention irie vibes sound system have got nothing but love for them all. The Yorkshire Tea Party crew. Personal space Invaders massive. Catch A Fire Crew the fire Art come, reaction Sound​System much love Everytime.

Nick Dubateers Sound System with original style Everytime reminds me so much of my youth days listening​ to the champion sound system plays back in Jamaica. Like Bass Odyssey, Stone Love, Body Guard, kilamanjaro,Ultra Sonic, This is my culture sound system culture. The Art in Mc. Let’s bring back the vibes in dancehall. Keep the people skanking all night with positive Vibration.


Reaction Sound

Builder and operator of Reaction Sound System and Reaction Bike power  Tom has been playing diverse bass heavy DJ sets at events for over 10 years.


DJ Gremlyn

Vinyl junkie and lover of reggae, digital dub, roots, ska, hip hop, funk and soul. Dub selector and purveyor of epic rambling, multi-genre musical journeys. Originator of Leeds’ now defunct, long-running Defibrillator underground club night. Festival veteran and part of the bike powered Reaction Sound System ( Has been found lurking behind the decks at Grassroots, #PubDub, The Very Tidy Disco, Hyde Park Unity Day and a whole host of festivals. Dub-siren obsessive. Professional Northerner.

Twitter – @GremlynDJ




Jon P aka Dubjon has been selecting reggae and dub for over 25 years. Owner of the Bear Cub 12v Sound system he plays vintage vinyl to enrich the heart and soul. Selecting from a very deep box you can expect a mix of 90’s digi, roots, early reggae, rocksteady and ska.



Newcastle’s daftest sound boy, Jeggo has been mashing up dances in the North East and beyond, playing in pubs, clubs and bars, at festivals, free parties and just about anywhere they’ll let ye put a sound, broadcasting a ruffneck selection of roots, rubadub, digi n steppers.

Part of the Ital Guidance Sound System family and one of the resident DJs at Newcastle’s longest running reggae night – Dub inna Pub.

Strictly vinyl, strictly vibes…real reggae music played inna North East style and fashion!




Reaction DJ’s

Various members of the Reaction Sound System Crew will be getting the weekend started on Friday, filing in the gaps and playing back2back for a couple of hours on Sunday. With us for NGG 2019 we have Jedi Pete, DJ Treekle, DJ Gremlyn, Reaction Sound and High Lassie.

Facebook –

Twitter – @bikepoweruk and @ReactionDub